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Today I am going to give you some insights on “Impact on COVID- 19 on Cosmetics Industry.”

Well, there is no single product in the market which has not been impacted by the pandemic. The short-term impact would be of sales. But the long-term impact has many dimensions.

Here are the areas in which the pandemic could alter the way in which the beauty industry operates:


Last few years in particular have seen emphasis on natural ingredients, organic products, vegan cosmetics etc collectively what we can call as Green Beauty products. But industry experts would agree that some of the natural products are more susceptible to microbial growth. Many skin and body products contain anywhere from 70 to 80% water, while hair shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and even facial toners can contain as much as 95 to 97% water. Again, due to such a high amount of water content, these products are susceptible to growth of microorganisms. For this reason, formulations may focus additionally on enhanced safety and extended shelf life of the products.

We might see two patterns in solution to the above-mentioned problems:

1. Usage of Safe Synthetic Ingredients/Preservatives:

Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid etc are known to improve the longevity of the products and though fall under the synthetic segments are considered to be comparatively safe. Using these would achieve the task of extending the shelf life of the products, would also keep the prices in check but might not be accepted by customers for whom “synthetic” is a big no.

2. Anhydrous Cosmetics:

If you are not wanting to consider the usage of preservative as an option, you may go for anhydrous variants. As the name itself suggests, anhydrous cosmetics are devoid of water. They are naturally self-preserving and often use concentrated forms of antioxidants to keep their formulas fresh, which also carry additional skin benefits. Though, these products are expensive, even by using the smaller quantities of these products would give you the desired results and that too without harming the skin. Some of the examples of anhydrous products are Bar Soaps, Shampoo/Conditioner Bars, Powder Facial Cleansers.

Now let us look at some of the products which might see increase in sales and some of the products which might take a hit.

1. The most obvious product segment that would see a sustained growth in sales and innovation in formulations would be the hand sanitizer category.

2. Due to increased use of soaps and sanitizers will surely impact the skin barrier. To minimize and reverse the damage, products containing humectants, moisturizers, emollients etc would witness a clear boost in sales.

3. Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil extracts etc are natural extracts which exhibit antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Hence products with these ingredients would see a good jump in volumes.

4. As people would avoid going outdoors, there would be a decrease in the use of Make-Up, Sunscreen, Hair Styling Products.

5. The pandemic has also invigorated trends such as ‘DO IT YOURSELF ‘or ‘DIY’, as consumers are avoiding services because of concerns about close physical contact at salons and spas and are now looking for online home beauty treatments. This has made people to enter into a DIY beauty world with countless people doing beauty treatments at home such as at-home hair colour and skin care, as well as nail care. It is highly recommended to perform the patch test before starting to regularly apply any DIY product for your extra safety. Brands should look towards having more detailed instruction providing manuals with bigger illustrations and fonts, one-on-one video consultations as well as more “how-to-use” product videos on their websites, apps, and across social media.

Rise in Online Sales

This was about products, now if we talk about sales channels, there would be much higher sales online as compared to conventional retail stores. Brands should gear up their sales teams to cope up with this.


With growing anxiety about hygiene and cleanliness among consumers, prevention of germs and other contaminants is driving the demand for safer products. Wherever possible, brands should provide the consumers with the packaging solutions to ensure hand-free cosmetic formulas application. Products that reduce risks of contamination by utilizing touchless formats such as stick and spray setup and offer extended shelf life will stand out being safe and dependable.

Brands should look for various types of applicators such as mist applicators for facial skincare, roll-ons in tubes or rigid bottles for serum formulas and should educate the customers with tips and tricks to safely and hygienically handle the cosmetic products.

Also, brands should opt for contactless sampling solutions such as touch screen digital product vending and sampling kiosks that let consumers to get the sample on spot without concern for health.

That’s all for this section. Stay tuned for our next blogs.

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