A good packaging protects your product while a great packaging protects your brand. Every cosmetic brand knows the importance of this. Our parent company Neo Concepts is into the packaging industry since 20 years.  So with SourcEEZ as your partner you can afford to be carefree about your packaging also.

Let's take a look at requirements of a good packaging and the methodology which ensures it.

A good packaging should be:

1) Sturdy enough to protect the content inside
2) Aesthetically appealing to the target audience
3) Environmentally conscious
4) Hygienically safe with a long shelf life
5) Confirming to regulatory compliances

Now let's take a look at the SourcEEZ  methodology:

1. Choosing the Right Container

The colour, texture and finish of the packaging ( Jar, Tube, Bottle, Sachet ) which holds the ingredients should have premium look and of course should also be strong and leak proof. We have a wide variety of options to choose from which would make the task easy.

2. Graphics Design

This is one of the most crucial aspects of packaging. We have some of the most fertile designing brains in our team who can create stunning packaging designs. Be it logo creation, font selection, image system work, colour selection,  theme creation or post  printing effects, every aspect is taken into consideration.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Equally important is understanding  and accordingly implementing Regulatory compliance of labels and cartons. Before finalising the label and carton content, we coordinate with the clients in ensuring accuracy of data with reference to norms of regulatory bodies.

4. Packaging Production

As mentioned in earlier sections, we have excellent In-House Production facilities for Labels and Cartons. For other types of flexible packaging, we partner with some of the best facilities in India to ascertain that your packaging gets the attention it deserves.

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