1. Research based development 

If you are looking to introduce a new range of cosmetics with completely customised formulation then all you have to do is get in touch with our cosmetologists.

We would take your brief, do some research on your target geographical location market trends, it's climatic conditions, regulatory compliance requirements of the governing body, target budget etc. Based on the data and your inputs on the same, we would develop and produce completely customised formulations. Please note that these kind of developments would take some time and can't be done in a hasty manner.


2. Execute your formulations (Contract Manufacturing)

If you are ready with your formulations and looking to execute the production we ensure that it's done by the most suitable vendor with required infrastructure and technical expertise.


3. Upgrading your Formulations

If you have a formulation ready and looking to make some adjustments in order to enhance performance, change fragrance or realign ingredients from the costing perspective, our technical team will assist you achieve your goals.


4. Switching over to Vegan , Organic , Halal , Natural variants

With increasing awareness about harmful effects of chemicals on skin and also on environment, people have been inclined towards Eco-Friendly, Natural, Vegan and Organic variants. We have some of the most trustworthy, professional and genuine manufacturing partners who understand the challenges associated with such products and are capable to deliver  products as per required standards of compliance.

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